Primary Ballet Course for Children Aged 6+

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Primary dance

Primary Ballet Course:

Elevate Your Child’s Passion for Ballet Welcome to our Primary Ballet Course, meticulously designed for young ballet enthusiasts aged 6 and up. At Ensemble Ballet Studio, we believe in providing top-quality ballet training that goes beyond dance steps. Our classes create a nurturing environment that fosters love for movement, music, and creativity.

A Perfect Blend of Technique and Style

Our primary ballet classes focus on technique and style, tempered with the right amount of energy to make every class engaging. Children get to explore the captivating beauty of ballet movements, and the thrilling rhythm of its music. We guide our students through traditional ballet schemes, positions, and movements, helping them develop physical strength, stamina, and creative expression. Every class is a step towards enhancing their flair for musicality and crafting their unique style.

Preparing for the Future

Classes at Ensemble Ballet Studio are structured to align with the standards of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). For those students who wish to take their passion for ballet to the next level, our classes prepare them for RAD examinations, equipping them with the skills needed to excel.

Class Details

Join us every Monday from 4:30 to 5:15 PM for our Primary Ballet Classes (Level 2) at the Holy Trinity Parish Centre. These classes are specially designed for children aged 6 years and older.

Registration and More

Ready for your child to take the next big leap in their ballet journey? Register for our primary ballet course here. Join us at Ensemble Ballet Studio, where every leap in dance brings your child closer to their dreams. Together, let’s create a symphony of movement, music, and unbridled passion for ballet.



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Dance Camp


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Hip Hop Tournamen


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Ballet Evening


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Beautiful Movements

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