Adult Ballet Course for Fitness & Elegance

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Adults Barre & Ballet Classes

Package of 10 lessons 120£ (to be used per term) o individual class Pay as you Go at 14£

Adult Ballet Course: Redefine Fitness with the Joy of Dance

Welcome to Ensemble Ballet Studio’s Adult Ballet Course. Whether you pirouetted through childhood or are stepping into ballet shoes for the first time, we welcome all adults to experience the elegance, tranquillity, and fitness benefits that ballet offers.

Discover Ballet at Any Age

Age is but a number when it comes to embracing ballet. Our adult ballet classes are designed to be inclusive, welcoming everyone from absolute beginners to those returning to ballet after a break. Ballet is not just an art form but a vigorous workout that enhances mobility, posture, and coordination. It boosts energy levels, stimulates the mind, and provides an all-round fitness regime that stretches and strengthens your body while making you feel graceful and poised.

Much More Than Just a Dance Class

But ballet at Ensemble Ballet Studio is more than just fitness training; it’s an experience. With every class, you’ll find fun, meet like-minded ballet lovers, and enjoy the extraordinary sense of well-being that only dance can bring.

Highlight of the Course: Barre Training

Our adult ballet classes feature dedicated training at the barre, a crucial aspect of ballet that helps improve balance and increase muscle tone. This essential training enhances body health, flexibility, and strength, making you feel fitter and more agile with every session.

Class Details

Join us every Thursday Online from 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM for our Adult Ballet Classes (Beginners/Elementary). These classes are specially designed for adults of all ages and are conducted online. This flexibility allows you to embark on your ballet journey from the comfort of your own home.

Registration and More

Ready to embrace the elegance of ballet and enjoy its fitness benefits? Register for our adult ballet course here. For further information or to book your lesson, feel free to contact us at Dive into the world of ballet with Ensemble Ballet Studio, where fitness and grace dance together in perfect harmony. Unleash your inner ballerina with us today!



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Beautiful Movements

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