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EBS: Grades 1-3 RAD Ballet Classes Syllabus

Embark on a rewarding journey with the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). At Ensemble Ballet Studio (EBS), we proudly offer Grades 1-3 RAD classes, tailored to nurture a love for ballet and enhance skillsets in young dancers.

Children Classes – Grades 1-3

Our classes awaken greater awareness in children, encouraging them to engage in new sensations of spinning, leaping and balancing. Students are immersed in musically inspired exercises, designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of ballet and character, promoting a delight in movement, a sense of dance, and outstanding performance quality. Accompanying our Grades 1-3 classes is a uniquely curated collection of dance music from three centuries, offering a rich auricular experience. From the early stage of Grade 1 through to Grade 3, our ballet courses nurture self-discipline, self-expression, and enhance listening skills. Our students learn to follow instructions better, work both individually and in groups, while developing coordination, good posture, strength, flexibility, and resilience. In adherence to the RAD guidelines, we require students from Grades 1-3 to wear the designated RAD ballet uniform, fostering a sense of unity and discipline.

Opportunities for Growth

EBS provides students from Grades 1-3 the option to participate in the first RAD Grade 1 ballet examination or Class Award, should they wish to. Though exams are not compulsory, we encourage our students to consider this opportunity, as it motivates them to practice, perfect their steps and work towards achieving a goal. We also offer the unique opportunity for our students to learn Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Russian Character Dances. From Grade 2 onwards, we introduce our students to the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), which is available on request and aims to enhance their understanding of ballet technique.

Accreditation and Entry

The RAD’s Grades 1-3 are equivalent to GSCE Grades D-G and NVQ Level 1. The entry level for new students is determined by our expert dance teachers based on the child’s age, natural ability, or prior examinations passed with another dance school. If you’re interested in joining our ballet classes, we invite you to complete our Registration Form, or please email us to ensure we recommend the appropriate class for you. Join EBS and let your ballet journey take flight in a nurturing and inspiring environment.



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Dance Camp


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Hip Hop Tournamen


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Ballet Evening


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Beautiful Movements

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