One-to-One Private Ballet Training Sessions

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One-to-one lessons

One-to-One Sessions: Personalised Ballet Training Tailored to Your Needs

Welcome to Ensemble Ballet Studio’s One-to-One Sessions, a unique offering designed to cater to your specific goals and aspirations in ballet. A personal approach to ballet learning, these sessions are all about you, your pace, and your growth.

Achieve Your Ballet Goals

Our one-to-one sessions are customised to align with your personal objectives. Whether you’re preparing for an important exam, honing your technique for an upcoming audition, or simply seeking to enhance your ballet skills, our personalised sessions can provide the focused guidance you need.

Group Private Lessons

We also extend our personalised training approach to small groups. Ensemble Ballet Studio offers private lessons for groups of up to eight students, combining the benefits of individual attention with the excitement of learning in a group. These sessions are subject to studio and faculty availability.

Exam and Audition Preparations

We understand the rigorous preparation that goes into any ballet examination or audition. Our one-to-one sessions can assist you with: Preparation for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus exams, providing in-depth guidance and practice on the required syllabus. Preparation for Performing Arts College entrance, such as for prestigious Sixth Form Colleges, ensuring you put your best foot forward in the audition process.

Registration and More

Ready to accelerate your ballet journey with our personalised one-to-one sessions? Register here. For further information or to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Immerse yourself in the world of ballet with Ensemble Ballet Studio’s One-to-One sessions. Let’s shape your ballet journey together, step by graceful step.



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Dance Camp


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Hip Hop Tournamen


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Ballet Evening


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Beautiful Movements

They Merged Their
Respective Dance Methods


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