Pre-Primary Ballet Course for 3-5½ Year Olds

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Pre-primary dance

Pre-Primary Ballet Course:

Spark the Joy of Dance in Your Child Welcome to our Pre-Primary Ballet Course, where the world of ballet unfurls gently for young enthusiasts between 3 and 5½ years of age. Our creatively designed classes are more than just dance lessons; they are a delightful tango of music, art, rhythm, and imagination, all tied beautifully together with the charm of ballet.

A Unique Learning Environment

Our pre-primary ballet classes are steeped in excitement and creativity, creating a learning environment that thrives on imagination. We spin enchanting stories that transport children into a world of make-believe, allowing them to interpret and express these tales through their own dance movements. This approach not only boosts their spontaneity and improvisation but also builds self-confidence as they find joy in expressing themselves through the language of ballet.

Building Skills, Making Memories

In this harmonious and lively atmosphere, your child will develop vital skills such as coordination, listening, rhythmic response, and spatial awareness. Each class gradually builds their physical strength and stamina while nurturing their creative expression and musicality. As they dance and twirl, your children are not just learning ballet; they’re creating memories, making friends, and building a strong foundation for their future in dance.

Class Details

Join us every Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30 AM for our Pre-Primary Ballet Classes at the Holy Trinity Parish Centre. These classes are specially designed for children aged 3 to 5½ years old.

Registration and More

Ready to take the first leap into the enchanting world of ballet? Register for our pre-primary ballet course here. At Ensemble Ballet Studio, we also organize half-term classes and offer unique ballet-themed birthday parties. Get in touch with us for further information. Ignite the spark of passion for dance in your child at Ensemble Ballet Studio. Let us take their tiny steps and turn them into elegant pirouettes.



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Hip Hop Tournamen


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Ballet Evening


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Beautiful Movements

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