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Nurturing Grace, Elegance, and Passion

Welcome to EBS, where we transform the dreams of pirouettes and pliés into a beautiful reality for your children.

About Us

Meet our Founder & Passionate Leader Emilia Ragni

Meet our founder and esteemed teacher, Emilia Ragni. Emilia’s passion for ballet sparked at a young age in Italy, where she dedicated herself to mastering the discipline, achieving advanced academic levels. Her years spent dancing with acclaimed companies and delivering captivating solo performances served to deepen her experience and love for this exquisite art form.

Emilia is not only a seasoned performer but also a dedicated educator, holding certifications in the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and   Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), along with a Silver Swans programs qualification. These internationally recognized credentials bolster her commitment to providing top-notch ballet education.

A step further on her journey was earning a degree in Ballet Teaching from the National Academy of Dance in Italy. This accomplishment solidified her passion, merging it with professional expertise, and setting her on the path to not only perform ballet but to inspire and nurture the same love for this beautiful art in her students.

Emilia is thrilled to bring her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to EBS, where every student has the opportunity to flourish under her guidance.

Our Philosophy

Here at EBS, we believe that ballet is the essence of art – it brings pleasure by giving pleasure. Echoing the words of the ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov, we strive to infuse our students with the joy of dance while nurturing their skills.

We look forward to welcoming dancers to our community, where we’ll guide them to express their inner language through harmonic lines and shapes, celebrate their strengths, and discover the joy and artistry ballet offers. Join us in our ballet classes in Brook Green, West Kensington, Shepherds Bush, and Hammersmith, where we transform dreams into elegant movements.

Our Journey in London

Five years ago, Emilia’s journey brought her to London, where she shared her knowledge through after-school ballet clubs. Recognizing the growing demand for superior ballet instruction in West London, she established EBS– a space where excellence and joy in learning ballet merge.

Emilia continually honed her skills, attending Seminar Workshops for teachers at the RAD and participating in other Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions. Her credentials also include being a licensed teacher for the esteemed Silver Swans project from RAD, which caters to learners aged 55+.

The Power and Art of Ballet

For Emilia, ballet goes beyond dance. It’s a deep connection with oneself, an understanding of one’s body, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and limits. It’s an inner language that teaches discipline, boosts confidence, and promotes a healthy lifestyle – physically and spiritually.

This is the power of ballet she aims to pass on during her classes, which are open to children of all ages, enabling them to unlock their potential and dance their hearts out in the company of new friends.

Meet our Teachers

Introducing Alex Turner ballet teacher with a passion for inspiration and confidence

Get to know Alex Turner, one of EBS dedicated teachers. Alex has always felt a profound connection to the dance world, beginning her journey with ballet classes and exams following the RAD syllabus. This passion for dance continued to grow through her school years, leading her to study Dance at both GCSE and A-Level.

Her commitment and talent in dance established a mutually beneficial connection with the English National Ballet, earning her a spot in their youth company. To further deepen her understanding of the art form, she pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Roehampton University, graduating with a commendable 2:1.

After graduation, Alex explored different facets of the dance world, engaging in outreach programmes with DanceWest and the English National Ballet. This experience helped her realise her true calling – teaching. She began her teaching journey at the renowned Pleasing School of Dance in North London, where she also obtained her RAD teaching qualification- the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.

Alex’s teaching ethos centres around inspiring her students and instilling them with confidence which they can carry forward in life. She aims to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and full of positivity, encouraging creativity and individual growth. Her goal is to empower her students to flourish as both confident ballet dancers and individuals.