Cesar & Ugolín | ... Top Rated Lists for Waylon Smithers … King Piccolo | He would do anything to make his boss happy, but his nature is … Rick Riordan Villains | Alien vs Predator Villains | Ultimate Predator | Narnia Villains | Colchis Bull | Waylon Smithers, Jr. is a gay character from The Simpsons. Alpha-Omega (Red & Preacher) | Ted Maltin | + King Cobra Malt Liquor {ddg} - "King Pin Malt Liquor" on the race cars "The Flintstones" - "Mr. Johnson or Johnstone" + "Relax (Don't Do It)", by Frankie Goes to Hollywood {hl} - an '80s dance tune playing when Smithers calls Burns the second time + "Swimming with Sharks" {bc} - Burns throws pencils in Homer's face and yells at Homer like Frank Whaley to Kevin Spacey Billy Budd … Peter Weyland | LGBT Characters Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Ivan the Terrible | Al Capone | Moss | He died of radiation poisoning due to sacrificing his life to save Springfield and especially his son. Brundlefly | Smithers offering a sack of money to the owner of the radio station "KBBL" so that the monopoly of "Burns Media" can buy it. Winter | Lead Teen | Adolf Hitler | Nigel Bakerbutcher | Sinclair | Elektra Villains | Harvesters | [motions to an actual mace] “Right, Sir. Smithers was somewhat taken in by Mr. Burns, though he doesn’t seem to think of Smithers as a son. Blue-Eyed Man | Movementarians | Rat | Have a romantic relationship with Mr. Burns (currently).Serve Mr. Burns and meet his every needs (succeeded). Robotic Richard Simmons | Matt Groening | Animated Features Gus & Reginald | Despite Mr. Burns aforementioned abuse of Smithers he actually does value and care for Smithers company - this is notable when Homer struck Mr. Burns after taking Smithers place temporarily (out of frustration at the abuse), Mr. Burns was quick to call on Smithers for aid, showing that he does trust Smithers more than anyone else (even if he seldom shows it). Melvin Moody | He remained closeted about his homosexuality for years. Sub-humans | James Suggs | Aliases Charles Montgomery Burns/Waylon Smithers/Principal Seymour Skinner/Ned Flanders/Otto Mann/Scratchy/Kent Brockman/Dr. Shruikan | Waylon Smithers pulling out a hook gun to escape along with "Mr. Snrub" from the angry crowd. Smithers telling Homer to have the speech ready and mocking his ruined condition. Pronouns David 8 | Hal | Newborn | Wainwright Montgomery Burns, Treehouse of Horror Gunnison Predalien | Jimbo Jones | Gino Terwilliger | Buck LaFarge | Fantastic Four Villains | Burns took Waylon in as his own son, and raised him to be his assistant. Mr. Largo | Andrew Detmer | Myron Larabee | The touching Simpsons episode, which aired last night, sees Smithers admit his true feelings to Mr Burns. It's... Scalding Me As We Speak.” One has to give Smithers a lot of credit for … Salim Abu Aziz | Gabe Ugliano | He is the assistant of Mr. Burns, the boss at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Dean Baker | Lead Teen's Crew | Harvester Queen | Captain Mordecai Barrows | Julius Hibbert/Reverend Timothy Lovejoy On the Emmy Award-winning series THE SIMPSONS, Harry Shearer gives life to some of Springfield’s most colorful characters: “ Mr. Burns ,” “Flanders,” “Principal Skinner,” “Reverend Lovejoy” and “Otto.” Marv Merchants | Jim | French Chef | Robert Terwilliger Jr. | Lizard Leader | Morgana | In the Supernova-Skymancer series, the character is taken on a different identity as a wacky, comical autistic "man with glasses" who was born with amazing superpowers in art and videos. Jay G, Have a romantic relationship with Mr. Burns. Screwface | Once the players defeats him, he gets blown up by his own bombs. Dr. Zaius | Chuckles John Geiger | Portrayed by If things had turned ugly, I always had my mace. Homer the Smithers Mr. Burns: You should've seen the murderous glint in his eyes, Smithers. Francesca Terwilliger | Dirt | Black Wolf's Pack (Smiley) | Monkeybone | He is always eager to release the hounds for his boss. Neomorphs | Zoe | Henry Evans | The Dragon | Jonathan Frink Sr. | This was all my fault. Miles Quaritch | Waylon Smithers, Jr. Smithers is the most obvious Simpsons gay character. Waylon Smithers beating a biker in a bar, pulling his hair with an ax. Durza | Waylon J. Smithers, Jr., often shortened to just "Smithers", is the assistant of Mr. Burns and althought normally not that bad a person he is obscenely loyal to Mr. Burns (to the point it is heavily implied he is gay) - although it is worth noting that Smithers is often the subject of abuse rather than malice on his own part: he is shown to have a jealous streak and can be rude and … Francine Rhenquist | Hughes | Chris Rodriguez | Kearney Zzyzwicz | Scar | After 27 seasons, Smithers finally came out while singing a ballad about his unrequited love for Mr. Burns. 24 Villains | "The Burns Cage" is the seventeenth episode in the twenty-seventh season of the American animated television series The Simpsons, and the 591st episode of the series overall. Scowler | Homer: My life can't get any worse. Mike | Bart Simpson's Creatures | Damien Thorn | X-Men Movie Villains, Springfield Republican Party Smithers attacking Homer for ruining the plan to get back his job. Serve Mr. Burns and meet his every needs (succeeded). Hank Scorpio | Spitz | Eagles | Over the course of the series, there have been many clues about Mr. Smithers’ sexuality, but when did they all begin? The Cook | Gender Identity Waylon Smithers, Jr. was originally the executive and personal assistant of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. Stans | Archer Villains | Nelson Muntz | Lester Vesco | Terwilliger Family Colonel McCullough | South Glade Mission Church (Church Leader) | Waylon Smithers Quotes. The Dognapper | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Goals Alan Rikkin | Beauty Smith | Smithers as Slithers in "Treehouse of Horror XII". Paragus, Live-Action Movies Waylon J. Smithers Jr. was born roughly around 1954. Albina | Elena Dubrow | Falconer Predator | Will Traeger | Stanley DeGroot | Blue Sky Villains | King Koo Koo | Edward Hyde | Steven Jacobs | Nikolai Wolf | City Hunter | Wayløn Smithers is on Facebook. Ida Kenzel | Please help improve this article by editing it. Oozaru | Blue | Herman Hermann | Snake Jailbird | Xibalba | Jimbo Jones | Type of Villain Golden Circle (Poppy Adams, Bennie and Jet, Beauty-Bot, Clara Von Gluckfberg, Angel & Charles) | Alias Mr. Burns: No, don't concern yourself. Family Guy Villains | Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Waylon Smithers, Mr. Burns' assistant in The Simpsons; Smithers, one of Q's assistants in two James Bond films; Samuel Smithers, also known as Plantman, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe; Derek Smithers, a character in the Alex Rider series; Will Smithers, a minor character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Smithers, Hiram Lodge's butler in … Role in the Mario Club Edit Charybdis | In general though Waylon Smithers is somewhat a recurring antagonist as well as a toadie rather than a fully-fledged evil-doer. Chakal | Galbatorix | Although normally not that bad a person he is obscenely loyal to Mr. Burns (to the point it is heavily implied he is gay) - although it is worth noting that Smithers is often the subject of abuse rather than malice on his own part: he is shown to have a jealous streak and can be rude and ev… Homer's Clones | Waylon Smithers | When Smithers was a baby, his father, Waylon Smithers, Sr., was Burns's assistant until he died of radiation poisoning after saving Springfield from a potential nuclear meltdown, making Burns the closest thing to a father figure for him. Unlike the show, he takes glee in committing evil acts for his boss like kidnapping Maggie and trying to kill the family. Cecil Fredericks | December 25th 1954 Killer Toupée | Poodle | Smithers: I'm so sorry, Mr. Burns. Age Queen Juliana | Napoleon Cross | Villains | It was revealed in a flashback that he was married to a woman once, but the two s… Computer skillsAssisting skillsStrength Blue-Haired Lawyer | Postman | Gazooks | Manticore | Gremlin | Join Facebook to connect with Wayløn Smithers and others you may know. Riff Raff | Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons began as a series of animated shorts in … Molly Merchants | Blackwolf | Russ Cargill | Smithers entering the officer personel at night and looking for Homer Simpson's document. Waggs | Governor Kolp | Julio (ex-boyfriend)John (ex-boyfriend)Selma Bouvier (ex-girlfriend)Unnamed (ex-wife) Burton Jernigan | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Waylon_Smithers?oldid=4074101, A running joke in the series is Smithers' blatant homosexuality (which. Magenta | Mr. Burns | Chiren | Robert Terwilliger Sr. Environmental Protection Agency Captain Ahab | Nova | Kingsman Villains | Wendell | Agent Lynch | Zeebad | Blefuscians | When Waylon was four months old, his father had sacrificed himself to save the power plant from destruction in a nuclear meltdown, and essentially saved his son's life. General Thade | Dr. Frank-N-Furter | Richard Detmer | Boggis, Bunce and Bean | ?oldid=25980. White Wolf | Status Ruth DeWitt Bukater | Blue Raptor | However, because of his love for his boss, Smithers rarely stands up to him. Dodge Landon | The Devil | Patty & Selma Bouvier | Hugo Simpson II | Snake Jailbird | Cal Hockley | Harry Shearer (" To Cur, with Love ") Waylon Joseph Smithers, Sr. was Waylon Smithers, Jr. 's father and was Mr. Burns ' assistant at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, Smithers' is still infatuated with him despite this, either because of continuity or because he has an Electra complex. Black Wolf | Waylon Smithers Jr. Zerbino | Constance Harm | Lead Alien | Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis | It's where your interests connect you with your people. Mr. Antarctic Queen Xenomorph | Kokomon | Russell Morrison | Long John Silver | Although normally not that bad a person he is obscenely loyal to Mr. Burns (to the point it is heavily implied he is in love with him) - although it is worth noting that Smithers is often the subject of abuse rather than malice on his own part: he is shown to have a jealous streak and can be rude and even physically violent towards those he dislikes and can be sneaky, like when Homer once replaced him at the plant. Jennifer Check | EPA | The Simpsons Villains | Bart (Fly) | Earl Unger | Shadow Knight | Bosco | 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 5 Relationships 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation He is the assistant of Mr. Burns, the boss at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Koba | He is the kindhearted yet immoral assistant of Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns | Even though Mr. Burns raised Smithers when he was a kid, he barely remembers taking care of him. His father, Waylon Smithers Sr., was Mr. Burns personal assistant until his untimely death while saving Springfield from a nuclear catastrophe, caused by Mr. Burns’ very own nuclear power plant. Here are all of Smithers' evil deeds in some of the episodes he appeared in. Dante | Brock Pike | General Aldo | The Simpsons American Horror Story Villains | Praetomorphs | Dorian Gray | Dolph Starbeam | Edwin | Muttonchop Murderer | Smithers preparing "wild gerbiles" to tear apart Homer if he refuses to embed and evil smile. The Blob | Chato | Lucille Botzcowski | Reggie and Arthur | Mostly he usually treats Smithers like dirt and usually stiffs him out of a raise or promotion. The next morning is as usual until Waylon discovers Burns has undergone a drastic change overnight- one that affects them both, and presents them with new challenges and the chance to truly change themselves. Baby Gerald | Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr. First Acheron Queen | 'The Simpsons' Writer Rob LaZebnik Reveals Smithers' Coming Out Was Inspired By His Son After years of privately fawning over Mr Burns, Smithers has finally revealed his feelings. King Snorky | And his breath reeked of beer and pretzled bread. When he was a baby, his father, Waylon Smithers Sr. often took his son to the nuclear power plant that he worked at. Minotaur | Velociraptor's Pack | Gorgon | In "Homer the Smithers", it is revealed that Mr. Burns' mother is still alive at the age of 122 years, although Mr. Burns dislikes speaking to her, because she had an affair with President William Howard Taft and she refers to him as an "improvident lackwit". Artie Ziff | His father, Waylon Smithers, Sr., worked for Burns until he died of radiation poisoning after saving Springfield from a potential nuclear meltdown when Smithers was a baby. On & Off Henchman. Saladin | Von Schreiber | He/Him Kahmunrah | Aban-Khan | Russ Cargill, Globex Corporation Berserker Predator | After his death, his corpse was disposed of by being placed down a drainage pipe because Mr. Burns … Molloy | Groundskeeper Willie | Smithers began thinking of Mr. Burnsas his commander shortly after his birth. Family Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr. is a major antagonist /anti-hero and a major character in The Simpsons . Bartok | RDA (Parker Selfridge) | Alistair Becket | The idea for Smithers' ambiguous sexual orientation came from Sam Simon, who proposed that Smithers should be gay, but little attention should be drawn to it. Kang and Kodos | Agnes Skinner | 35 Itchy | Rolf Gruber | Romances Rasputin | Luke Castellan | Kearney Zzyzwicz | Full name Charon | Lyle Lanley | Pat Healy | Lamar Burgess | Major-Domo | Jessica Lovejoy | Jack Crowley | This section is in need of major improvement. He did rather rudely turn down a job prospect at one point. Adil Hoxha | Home Alone Villains | Juno Skinner | Vector | Male Assault and batteryAttempted MurderBullyingDognapping. Rex Banner | Hans Zeller | J.G. Spicer Lovejoy | Drej | Die Hard Villains | Hydra | Silver Surfer Villains | Lotus Land Bellhop | Numerous criminal conspiraciesAssault and batteryAttempted MurderBullyingDognapping Although normally not that bad a person he is obscenely loyal to Mr. Burns (to the point it is heavily implied he is gay) - although it is worth noting that Smithers is often the subject of abuse rather than malice on his own part: he is shown to have a jealous streak and can be rude and ev… Cooder | Cyclopes | One day, Mr Burns wonders what it would be like if he and Smithers were closer in age; if he, Burns, were younger. Hades | James Moriarty | Glamorous Godfrey | It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 3, 2016. Will Wright, Other Characters Dragon | Miss Goodthighs, Recurring Characters Andy Hamilton | Moby Dick | The Greedy | Witch Marge, Guest Star Characters Vanessa | John | Polyphemus | Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr. Planet of the Apes Villains | Professor Werner Von Brawn | Attar | Occupation Rottweiler | Sexual Identity This got Smithers to drive all the way back to the kennels and back again, saying he came as fast as he could. Up until 2016, he was not openly gay, but most people knew he was homosexual before he came out. Adam | https://lgbtqia-characters.fandom.com/wiki/Waylon_Smithers_Jr. Drej Queen Susquehana | Vera Murchins | Franz | Karl | He is voiced by Harry Shearer, who also voices Mr. Burns and many other characters in the series. Jessica, See Also Origin X-Files Villains | Anton Bartok | Ludmilla | Fat Tony | Carter J. Burke | Celtic Predator | Fictional characters. Gay Itchy | United States President | Is MR.Burns long time loyal associate who would do anything for MR.Burns his father died when he was a baby he spared his life to save his son's. Harvest Commander | In season 27, episode 17 "The Burns Cage" he came out as gay. General Ursus | He also sometimes reminds him to do something that he forgot because of his old age. Comic Book Guy (Brick Like Me) | Petr Beaupre | Burns and Waylon Smithers constantly kissing. Mendez I | Valentine Corporation (Richmond Valentine, Gazelle, Charlie Hesketh, Chester King & Morten Lindström) | Waylon Smithers is Charles Montgomery Burns' assistant and foster son. Smithers never learned the true cause of his father's heroic death until Mr. Burns ended up telling the truth to the Simpsons family years later (due to Homer reliving mental trauma during his childhood from accidentally discovering Walyon Smithers Sr's … Lord Rutledge | Mason Wren | The Cleveland Show Villains | Buffyverse Vilains | #CTS Cartoon Tv Series! Columbia | Mrs. Dodds | Napoleon Bonaparte | Waylon Smithers Sr. † (father)Unnamed (mother)Unnamed † (grandmother)Unnamed (cousin) However he does do several evil things in his career, such as always being the one to release the hounds for Mr Burns. Waylon Smithers. Vic Deakins | Soldier Sam | Lou the Goanna | Mr. Tweedy | Dr. Otto Hasslein | His voice is heard in the episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" and physically appeared in the episode "Homer's Odyssey". The simpsons funny moments! Futurama Villains | The Simpsons’ Waylon Smithers Jr has finally come out as gay after 27 years in the closet, but there is a touching tale behind the latest plot development in Springfield. Media Smithers is Mr. Burns' devoted executive assistant. Seymour Skinner | Powers/Skills Jack Lassen | Howard Payne | Jimmy Murtaugh | Deacon | Agnes Skinner | Hans Sprungfeld | Bob Arnold | Lindsey Naegle | Agent Whiskey | Ian Hawke | With Mr. Burns, the richest man in Springfield. Birthdate The Blunder Years tried to explain this by having Mr Burns' be a father-figure to Smithers after unwittingly causing Waylon Smithers, Sr.'s death. Curly | Dame Judith Underdunk | He is also one of the main antagonists (alongside Burns) of the popular Simpsons Arcade game - where he is an outright supervillain. Working for Mr. Burns.Supervising the power plant's employees. Cecil Terwilliger | Howard K. Duff VIII | Dolph Starbeam | He is however a common villain and boss in The Simpsons video-game universe, appearing in many of the "Bart" games as well as The Simpsons Wrestling (where he is often surprisingly powerful). Grid | Birch Barlow | Gorgon's Pack | Patty & Selma Bouvier | Nostromo Drone | Mayor Kobayashi | According to Us Weekly magazine, Smithers will disclose his sexuality to Mr. Burns, his not-so-secret crush, after 27 years of innuendos in “The Burns Cage.” Homer Simpson, the show’s main character, will then take it upon himself to assist Smithers in finding a boyfriend after Burns rejects the flamboyant assistant’s advances. Hobby Simon Cowell | Waylon J Smithers Jr, but usually referred to simply as Mr. Smithers or simply Smithers, is a character in the animated television series The Simpsons.He is voiced by Harry Shearer and made his first appeared in the episode "Homer's Odyssey", although his voice could be heard in the series premiere "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire".He is the consummate executive and … SmithersSmithers Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. God | Broly | Mr. Hyde | Evil-doer Crimes Alice Ribbons | Ironfist Burns | Medusa | Frank Grimes, Jr. | American Dad! Lord Dargis | Waylon SmithersWaylon J. Smithers, Jr.Waylon Smithers, Jr.Mr. Xiangliu | Lucius | Jopling | Dreyfus | Space Mutants | Skip | The Leader | Hexxus | Keep in mind that since Smithers is more amoral than evil, most of his evil deeds are those he performs alongside Mr. Burns. Lard Lad | Skeleton Guards | Tracker Predator | Mai | Mac | Executive and Personal Assistant General Edward | Lord Nekron | The Simpsons Count Burns | Diaboromon | Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr. (born 1954), often shortened to just "Smithers", is a major antagonist (and sometimes anti-hero) in The Simpsons and a supporting antagonist in the 2007 theatrical film The Simpsons Movie. The Man in the Red Sweater, Television Lindsey Naegle | Boss | Farley Flavors | Dexter Colt | Furthermore, because she is so old, the only things she can do (according to Smithers) are pick up the phone, dial and yell. Daredevil Villains | I n an episode broadcast last Sunday in the US, the … Preed | Sir Lancelot | Jungle Hunter | Another running joke is Smithers being Mr. Burns' memory, always reminding him of who Homer Simpson is and improving his geography or political knowledge. Mr. Smith | Ash | Senator Mendoza | Chopper Predator | Carver | Kindergarten Teacher | Due to his father's close friendship with his boss, plant manager C. Montgomery Burns, he may have been formally introduced to Burns before his father's death.

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