I‚Äôve been at the gym for about 2 hours and once I stopped workout out, I crashed. After we split the atom nothing was the same. I haven’t used another pre-workout for 7 months except Broken Arrow, that’s when I discovered it. I know i shouldn’t be in the gym for 3 hours but I just kept going this 100% kept me going from start to finish, great focus, awesome energy, and extreme pump! Been using Pre-workouts for years and this is my favorite so far. (verified owner) – November 15, 2020. 1 out of 3 people found this helpful. Here it is 5 hours later and I‚Äôm still on top of the world! I’m probably the first person not using it for pre workout but instead for gaming. Next time you take it pay attention to how zoned in you are, the mental focus is incredible! How Do I Take REPP Sports Broken Arrow? REPP Sports was built behind the “No BS” mentality, just pure supplements with exceptional results and effects. But, if you hate coconut and you can power through it, you WILL have an excellent workout. Was this review helpful to you? Ashley Was this review helpful to you? They only had one flavor - Zap Berry which is not my favorite. For Best Results Stack With REPP Sports Laxogenin And Broken Arrow To Maximize Muscle Building Potential. I‚Äôm MASSIVELY disappointed that it taste like straight coconut water and basically no other ‚Äúpunch‚Äù type flavor. Damien Kvanda linkous.family10 Repp Sports Reactr was created to be the new age of pre-workout. The Quick-Digesting Protein Ensures You Nourish Sore Muscles during the Critical 1-Hour Window Post-Workout. Broken Arrow tastes great mixes easily and gives me the kick I need. I just like supporting good products and good companies that offer solid quality and REPP Sports and RAZE Energy Insiders have helped me shed over 100 lbs in the last year!!!! Was this review helpful to you? Won me over on one sample packet. A bit is an understatement. My wife loves it as well. Otherwise, highly recommended! We suggest taking 1 scoop 15-20 minutes before your workout for optimal energy & focus. The DMHA and caffeine content is strong, so maybe start with 1/2 a scoop if you‚Äôre new to preworkouts! Spiked Fruit Punch – 30 Servings, Guava Melon – 30 Servings, Sour Gummy – 30 Servings, Lime Ice – 30 Servings, Hail Storm – 30 Servings, Voodoo – 30 Servings, Great product. All Pre-Workouts; Nitric Oxide Supplements; Pre-Workouts With BCAA's; Stimulant Free Pre-Workouts; Protein; Ready to Drinks; Recovery; Stacks; Health & Wellness. So gross. BANG Energy. have to say i tried the free samples with no expectations and pleasantly surprised with results. I have just used it today for the first time. One word, amazing! rhe thermogenics are crazy…. I have the Guava Melon flavor and I love how this tastes. I‚Äôm usually a LIT preworkout gal so in comparison, I actually like that this doesn‚Äôt give you the immediate tingle. 5 stars! as I have not seen enough research. They all taste really good and the energy/focus is perfect. REPP Sports offers a variety of premium nutritional and bodybuilding supplements including whey protein, creatine, pre-workouts, RAZE Energy drinks, and more. This specific ingredient will change the way you forever look at pre-workouts with its intense mental focus and energy attributes. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Was this review helpful to you? REPP Sports Broken Arrow Pre-Workout Ingredients. I suggest you try the sample packs before you spend 40 dollars on something you don’t like. I had insane focus and the pump is great! It took me almost 2 months to receive after purchasing my original choice which was Rainbow Burst. ... Pre-Workout Broken Arrow ELITE Pre-Workout. It completely crushes any other pre workout ive ever tried, but seriously take with caution as it can be very intense. Broken Arrow draws from the power of cutting edge ingredients to deliver an explosive workout experience. will definatly be ordering again. Rapidly Enhancing Performance: 3 Stage Pre-Workout Formula. Potent Time Released Caffeine Blend. Like seriously I don’t know what you guys are doing but this drink is insane my reaction times are way faster, I’ve actually tested it. To assess tolerance, use half a scoop 15-20 minutes prior to your workout. Redcon1 Total War - Pre Workout - 30 Servings - Firecracker Flavor, Boost Energy, Increase Endurance and Focus, Beta-Alanine, 350mg Caffeine, Citrulline Malate, Nitric Oxide Booster - … This happens through a precision engineered time release system. 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . Was this review helpful to you? Amount per serving https://examine.com/supplements/citrulline/. The formulation and science behind Broken Arrow bring you a high-intensity powerhouse consisting of over 11 clinically backed ingredients. I think I would purchase again (even though Ive already purchased the product twice) if there was a little less caffeine but it might be perfect for others with a higher tolerance. Enrich performance with just 1 scoop that lasts all workout. So… got some sample packs from the raze energy stuff and went to go try broken arrow.. Definitely a high stim super crazy pre work out. I never feel the drive and energy I get from this even if the caffeine is the same in other energy drinks. Was this review helpful to you? The spiked punch is great, but will try new flavors soon. I tried broken arrow hailstorm, before my leg workout yesterday. Your one stop supplement shop to grab all of your favorite REPP Sports supplements at a discounted rate! He looked at the ingredients and said “stick with this” then wanted to know where to get it because he wanted some. It’s really strong! I‚Äôve tried pretty much every pre workout there is. Bucked Up Pre-Workout. 11K likes. This is by far the best supplement I‚Äôve tried and will definitely be purchasing a few bottles. A lot of pres will only have 2g of citrulline for pump which will do next to nothing. Let Us Know! Sustained no crash energy. 13 products. Repp Sports is a range of fitness supplements that target all the individual aspects of our training which are related to body development. Immediately started feeling the beta alanine which I love! broken arrow elite pre-workout; reactr pre-workout; shop all pre-workout; build muscle. Even the ones that got ‚Äúremoved‚Äù for reasons we all know why. REACTR EXPLOSIVE PRE-WORKOUT. Was this review helpful to you? Just want to know what the other flavors are like.

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